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October 6th, 2015
Wanderers win Team Doubles KO.
Ben Stones & Phil Holmes (Anglers Wanderers) came out triumphant 2-1 against Glyn Tilson & Henry Grindon (Cheshire Cheese) in the Team Doubles KO. It was a near perfect turn out with 15 out of 16 teams turning up.

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September 29th, 2015
Dave Bagshaw wins Captains KO.
Dave Bagshaw (Anglers Rest) played out of his skin all night and came out deserved winner beating John Green (Hartington Legion 'A') 2-0 in the Captain's KO Final.

March 25th, 2015
Birthday Boy bamboozles Belfield to win Super 16's.
On a rather chilly March evening the pick of this seasons crop from Division 1 arrived at the Bull all hoping to win the 'arguably' hardest trophy of the season.
The 8pm start was delayed as some individuals didn't turn up to complete their play offs so we got underway with a tussle between Duckworth and Snip. Darren never really got a foothold and Snip found himself into the Quarterfinals. Next up was a battle of the blues Belfield v Bagshaw which saw Belfield prevail.
Andrews sent Flower packing whilst 'the Grinder' Grindon knocked out Giggsy.
Peter Walker was well supported by the rest of the Quiet Woman team as he succumbed to Prouty whilst Paul Jacklin won shot of the night but this wasn't enough to get the better of Glyn. Woolley was sent home by Ernie Holmes before Wanderers team mate Stones eventually scraped past Boam to complete the 1st round games.

Onto the Quarter finals where Henry strode past Snip before Col sent Prouty back to the bar!
Ernie beat Glyn before 'Bitch' Belfield lived up to his name by knocking out team mate Stones.
Best of three semis started at gone 11 and the lady behind the bar called last orders to which Darren put her in the picture about how much longer this was going to last!

Col was always in control as he despatched Ernie 2-0 before a battle between Henry and Chris which saw the inform Wanderers man come from behind to win 2-1.

Final time between Colin Andrews and Chris Belfield. First frame looked as though Col had won it but the black didn't drop to the middle and Belfield had a simple finish. Second frame saw Belfield in control and with chances to win before Andrews levelled it up. In the decider Col was always in control with both bottom bags covered before a snooker from Belfield helped him claim a foothold. The frame swung both ways again before Belfield was forced into a long yellow that missed to leave Col a simple black to finish.
Congratulations Col on a 4th Super singles victory and thanks must go to the Bulls Head for hosting and those whom turned up to watch/support..

- Chris Belfield (League Treasurer)

February 24th, 2015
Andrews takes another win in Team Singles.
Colin Andrews (Pack Horse) produced another good performance to win his 3rd KO this season. Paul Williams (Hartington Legion 'A') came 2nd. Josh Stubbs also played well on the night getting an 8-ball off his break in his Quarter-Final and narrowly losing out to Col 2-1 in his Semi. Speaking of Semi's Pete Walker (Quiet Woman) got his first Semi in a while but lost it 2-0.

February 17th, 2015
Open Doubles.
On a rather mild February night somewhere between Carlisle & Birmingham (Sterndale Moor to be exact) the Crème de la crème of the Flagg Moor Pool league turned out for a showcase night of pool in the Open Doubles competition.

26 pairs entered with only one thing certain - Colin Deaville would question the £2 entry fee. ;-)

In a lengthy first round we saw late entrants Akers and Harris (Sterndale 'B') knock out the father and son team Bagshaw from the Anglers. ) Stones & Kitchen (Pack W) departed to the Quiet pairing of Vaines & Moss whilst Deaville & Gibbs (Hartington 'B') also progressed.
Lengthy games saw Gordon Critchlow and Flower (Hartington 'A') knock out Walker and Matt Otty (Quiet) whilst Dronfield and Bassett (Hartington 'B') eventually made Corky and Mycock (Waterloo Tad) submit.

Onto the last 16 where Alex and Karl (Sterndale 'A') knocked out Prouty and Woolley (Anglers) whose bye through the first round was rendered meaningless. Wagstaffe & Potter (Sterndale 'B') stunned Snip and Tink (Pack W) as did Green & Carter (Waterloo Tad) whom cleared well to beat Belfield and Ernie Holmes (Pack W).
In the bottom half of the draw Col and Henry (Pack H) progressed against Sam Flower and James Deaville (Winkers). Double trouble for Alex & Scott (Sterndale 'B') and Dronfield/Bassett (Hartington 'B') as they both departed to Pairings from the Bull A.

Quarter finals arrived about 11pm so I decided I'd have my 5th can of sweetened beverage to keep me alert for what looked like a 4am finish!
Wagstaffe & Potter ground it out to progress past Anderson & Cocker. Jack Green and Carter couldn't come up with another clearance as Vaines & Moss set up a semi final in the top half that no one would have predicted. In the bottom half only one of the Bull A pairings made it through with Burton and Boam succumbing to Col and Henry. Better luck for Duckworth & Beck (sounds like they should own a DIY shop) as they beat Gordon and R Flower.

Semi time now and I was having to be really on the ball as snip had gone home and left me with a list of things to remember as long as your arm!
Wagstaffe & potter went 1 up vs Vaines & Moss and had a chance to finish in the 2nd frame before Paul pulled off a long double to mess them up and they combined to clear well. In the decider Jake decided to pot the black with 9 balls left on the table and left the Sterndale pair most upset but £10 richer. Col and Henry won the first in the other semi and Col set up a chance for Henry on the black in the 2nd. 9 out of 10 times Henry would pot it but this time it rattled and left Darren and Ian with three balls over one bag and the black over the other. Darren conspired to make it difficult and made Ian play a full length double to get a shot on the black which Darren couldn't miss. Onto a decider where the Pack Horse pair were always in control and eventually won.

Final time and they moved onto the table nearest to the stage (I just think they wanted to be close to me).
Vaines and Moss tried to be attacking at every visit in both frames but Col and Henry where playing too well to be stopped. Congratulations Colin Andrews and Henry Grindon, as you said afterwards you probably only played one bad shot all night and that was in the semi. Don't spend your prize money all at once!
Signing off its your boring treasurer whom will never make a journalist!

- Chris Belfield (League Treasurer)

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February 9th, 2015
Sterndale Moor 'B' win Consolation Cup KO.
Sterndale Moor 'B' won the Consolation Cup KO 5-2 against the Waterloo (Biggin) outfit. The score line didn't reflect how the games went at all as the Waterloo missed a few dolly blacks. Jake Potter (Sterndale's Captain) is on course for quite a bit of silverware this year and he opened the fixture beating Waterloo's Tom Griffiths. Mat Wagstaffe and Alex Lee took the next two frames for Sterndale giving them a 3-0 lead. Joe Beach (last years D2 Super 16's winner) brought one back for the Waterloo, Charlie Ridgway restored the 3 frame cushion before Jack Upton got another back for the Waterloo, 4-2 now.

The formidable partnership of Potter & Wagstaffe brought the tie home in the opening doubles for Sterndale Moor 'B'. This is this teams first full season together and with this KO under their belt, can they become Division 2 Champions too?

December 16th, 2014
Colin Andrews wins Open Singles 2014.
1 chilly venue, 4 tables, 60 players (ranging from 14 years old to 80) and hundreds of pints consumed, the Open Singles KO was underway.

Doors opened at 7:30 and by 8:00 we were away, we steamed rolled through the first round which wiped out half of the field. A few players had a bye to the last 32 thanks to some no-shows so they had a little wait to get their first game but overall the night was a success. As ever Sterndale Moor put on a large spread to feed the masses. Special thanks to Eric Brough, Bernard Woolley, Kev Heathcote and Simon Kitchen for helping setup the tables and lights Monday night. Also thanks to John Gould for cleaning, ironing and brushing the tables prior to kick-off.

There were a couple of standout performances on the night mainly being Gordon Critchlow, he bossed every game, not putting a foot wrong, he even nailed a couple of difficult blacks under pressure. Gordon was eventually undone by Paul Jacklin in the Quarter-Finals, Paul himself had an excellent night getting to the Semi-Finals. Paul's demise came from an 8ball from Colin Andrews who won the Semi 2-0.

In the other half of the draw the Pack Wanderers pair of Phil Holmes and Ben Stones dominated their games and met in the Semi's. This was Ben's second Semi-Final in two years but again it was the end of the line for him as Phil Holmes secured the win 2-0.

The final I'm told was a good contest, I cant really remember it to be honest. Col won the first, Snip drew level, Col then went in front again 2-1 before snip dug deep to go level again. The final frame saw Col miss his last colour on a clearance that he thought he would take leaving Snip with 3 colours left. Snip potted well and left a fine cut to the middle on the black but it wasn't to be and Col took the honours for the fifth time in his career.

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October 8th, 2014
Team Doubles Champions - Vaines/Walker.
Vaines & Walker's hot streak continued from where they left off last year to take Team Doubles Honours. They beat the Cock & Pullet pairing of Andy Mycock & Craig Teeboon 2-0 in the Final up at the New Inn. Only 56% of teams showed up with 7 teams bailing out at the last minute. When Vaines/Walker beat reigning champs Grindon/Tilson from the Pack Horse in their opening frame it was plain sailing to the final. The Cock pair had a slightly easier run to the Final, the Winkers failed to show so a Bye to the QF and then Kitchen from Pack Wanderers went in-off on the black to send them straight through to the Semi-Finals.

October 1st, 2014
Captains KO Champion - Colin Andrews.
Captains KO Champion this season is Colin Andrews (Pack Horse) who beat Dave Bagshaw (Anglers) 2-0 with an 8 ball clearance to boot. Col also notched up another 8 ball clearance in his Semi-Final against Phil Holmes. Max Bethell was the other losing Semi-Finalist.

August 27th, 2014
Craig Teeboon appointed new League Secretary.
Craig 'Turk' Teeboon kindly put his name forward for becoming League Secretary, Chris Belfield was appointed League Treasurer and a new look Doubles format using the Scotch Rules for this Season. A full round up of the Minutes and new League Rules can be found on the Home page.

July 10th, 2014
Tim Vaughan has retired as Treasurer.
Tim Vaughan has retired as League Treasurer due to medical reasons. The League and all its players send special thanks to Tim for his amazing effort and time he has put into helping run the League. Without Tim, Wendy and all the commitee we wouldnt have a League today. Thank You.

"When I joined the pool league, 25 years ago, it was because it gave me the opportunity to have a good night out with some 'friendly' competition and to visit a good selection of pubs and meet new people.The league has grown and prospered, and I like to think that it is because it still stays true to those principles. Long may it continue to do so."

- Tim Vaughan, League Treasurer

April 9th, 2014
Open Doubles.
Open Doubles Winners were Colin Andrews/Danny Bourne who beat Mark Wilton/Paul Williams 2-0 last night. Thanks to everyone who attended the presentation.

April 3rd, 2014
Anglers Rest take Team Knockout Honours.
They beat the Waterloo (Big) 'A' team 5-4.

April 3rd, 2014
Andrews wins Super 16's KO.
"Beat Henry 3-1, First Frame was a tactical affair, Henry left me a clearance that could easily go wrong but it didn't and I moped up. Second Frame - I broke, the balls went everywhere and I cleared up for an 8 ball. Third Frame - Henry broke dry, I went for another 8 ball but snookered myself on my last ball. Henry snookered me well and took the frame. Fourth Frame - I broke dry and Henry took complete control with his balls all in good positions. I had to surround one his balls over the pocket with my balls. He eventually went for a very tricky clearance that went wrong. I got a couple of snookers and took the frame on my second lot of 2 shots."

- Colin Andrews

April 1st, 2014
Joe Beach wins 2nd Division Super 16's KO.
Beach dominated the first ever 2nd Division Super 16's Knockout with a classy display of cueing flamboyance. He knocked out fellow Waterloo player Dan Wood, number one seed Paul Vaines and then Vaines' right hand man Peter Walker in the Semi-Final. The Final was another Quiet Woman player Dave Moss who took it to the wire before Beach took the deciding frame.

March 26, 2014
Champions:- Pack Horse(D1), Quiet Woman(D2).
Division 1 was decided last night with the Pack Horse taking the title, they beat the three men of Hartington 'A' 8-1. A sour end to Hartington's campaign. The Pack Wanderers needed that result to swing the other way but will be pleased with taking the title race to the wire. The Wanderers beat the already relegated Butchers outfit 7-2. Captain of the Bulls Head 'B' Josh Stubbs finished their dismal season with a 10 ball clearance off the break in their final doubles game but still lost 5-4 to the Anglers. Elsewhere the Waterloo 'A' beat Bulls Head 'A' 5-4 in a fight for 5th and 6th positions.

Division 2 was more exciting with 5 teams in with a chance for promotion but it was the Quiet Woman (Champions) and the Winking Man (Runners-Up) who made it. Some bizarre results saw the Winking Man jump from 5th to 2nd thanks to an amazing 7-2 win for them over the New Inn. Sterndale Moor also lost their bottle like the New Inn and fell to a 2-7 loss at home to the Waterloo B, The Waterloo lads have finished their season with an impressive 2 month unbeaten run winning 6 games in a row. The Quiet Woman were crowned Champions thanks to an 8-1 win over Waterloo (Tadd).

The prize that every team really wants is the Spoon and this year was no exception, the main two contenders played each other with the Horseshoe taking the honours thanks to a 3-6 loss to the Cock & Pullet.

March 25, 2014
Pack Horse cruise to 5-0 win in Consolation Cup Final.
Sorry we dont know what happened on the night, we've only heard the result. Waterloo (Tadd) are the Runners-Up

January 7, 2014
Pack Horse secure Team Doubles KO.
Henry Grindon continued his good form from before the Christmas break with team mate Glyn Tilson. They had to dig really deep in their Semi-Final against sister team Pack Wanderers. In the other Semi Waterloo (Big) 'A' (John Green/Paul Williams) made easy work of beating the Anglers Rest. Pack Horse took the opening close frame after Giggsy had a chance to win, Waterloo took the second when Henry refused a clearance and left John with a tough black which he despatched. In the decider Henry didnt make the same mistake again and took a 5 ball clearance well for the match.
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December 17, 2013
Jimbo Oliphant wins Open Singles.
Your Open Singles Champion is Jimbo Oliphant who beat Andy Boam 2-1 in the Final. Andy got off to the best start with an 8-ball clearance off Jim's break but Jimbo was too strong in the end and fought back to take top prize. The losing Semi-Finalists were Ben Stones and Henry Grindon.
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November 22, 2013
Wendy to retire at the end of the Season.
Wendy Smith has announced that she will be retiring as League Secretary at the end of the Season.

"I have taken the decision to stand down as league secretary, it has not been an easy decision to make. I have seen the league develop in many different ways over the years and I feel that now is the time to introduce some new blood. I have really enjoyed my time as secretary, this has been mainly down to all of the players young and old alike we have in the leagues. Thank you for all the help and support I have been given as Secretary."

- Wendy Smith, League Secretary

September 25, 2013
John Green Dominates Team Singles KO.
Team Singles was held at the start of the season this year which we think worked well. A good turnout saw nearly 30 players and supporters at the Anglers Rest. With most players arriving promptly we got on with the proceedings immediately. John Green played some excellent pool to get to the final beating Colin Andrews, Craig Teeboon and Dave Prout in the Semi-Final 2-1. In the other half of the draw we saw John Gould cruise his way to the Semi-Final only to meet Stephen Mycock who amazingly had two byes and hadn't picked a cue up all night. It was Mycock who edged it 2-1 to meet an unstoppable Green in the final who took the honours 2-0.
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September 25, 2013
Captain's KO.
Mark Wilton (Waterloo A) was the best player on the night even beating last years champ Josh Stubbs. He beat Dave Smith (Pack Horse) in the final 2-1. Some might say it was Dave's negative play in the final frame that was his own downfall. After three successive snookers from Smith, (of which Wilton got out of them all) Wilton managed to pot his final colour and finish a steady black.
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September 04, 2013
New Team - Waterloo (Big) 'B'.
Flagg Moor Pool League welcomes the Waterloo (Big) 'B' to the league. They'll be starting out in Division 2.

August 13, 2013
New Season looming.
With the adverts out and the AGM date set some movement has been made. The Cheshire Cheese will be playing their pool from The Horseshoe this term. Sterndale Moor 'B' will be creating a second team for The Pack Horse and after threating to leave last season the Cock & Pullet may still be putting two teams in. Elsewhere the Bull 'i 'th Thorn have declined our invitation to re-sign.

April 16, 2013
Open Doubles Winners - Phil Holmes & Simon Kitchen.
Simon Kitchen made it two trophies in less than a week as he and Phil Holmes both from Sterndale Moor 'B' won the Open Doubles Knockout. They beat Jimbo Oliphant (Sterndale Moor 'B') and Ben Minshull (Pack Horse) in the Final 2-0. Minshull won the toss and declared to break but carelessly went in-off, Holmes cleared up for 1-0. The second frame could have been won by either side but it was Kitchen who took his chance to clear well.
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April 11, 2013
Super 16's won by Simon Kitchen.
The Super 16's was played this week over two nights, Division 1 was at the Winking Man which was a great success seeing 15 players and several spectators turn up. Dave Smith produced an 8-ball clearance to despatch favourite Colin Andrews in a first round tie. It was Smith himself who progressed to the Finals night along with Darren Duckworth, Phil Holmes and Simon Kitchen. In the Division 2 fixture at the Anglers Rest saw a bitterly disappointing turn out of just 9 players for this prestigious event. Ant Simpson progressed to the Finals without playing a game, Leigh Chatterton, Lloyd Melland and Stephen Mycock were the others to progress.
Finals night at Hartington Legion was very good with Harold preparing the room and table to perfection. The first quarter final saw Simon beating Llyod 2-0 in games where Lloyd did his upmost to make it difficult for Simon. Next was Darren Duckworth who beat Ant Simpson 2-1, Phil Holmes then made short work of beating Stephen Mycock 2-0 and getting an 8-ball clearance off the break. Leigh Chatterton was a no show so Smith progressed to the Semi's.
Semi-Final one was Simon v Darren who were both playing well and had some long frames which saw many tactical shots, Simon eventually came out the winner 2-1. In the second Semi-Final Smith played Holmes, mistakes were made and it was Holmes who progressed 2-1.
The Final saw Simon Kitchen taking the first tactical game and then an 8-ball clearance in the second to go 2-0. The third game saw Simon make his first mistake of the night by touching the black with his fingers, with two shots Holmes cleared but missed the black letting Simon in for the win. Well done to Simon on his successful first season in the League winning Most Wins and Super 16's. For the second successive season Phil Holmes takes Runners-Up spot.
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April 02, 2013
Consolation Cup Winners - Waterloo.
The Consolation Cup was won by the Waterloo (Biggin) this year with a 5-0 slaughter of the Cock & Pullet 'B'.

March 28, 2013
Pack Horse win Team Singles KO.
Colin Andrews secured his 7th Team Singles KO victory with a 3-1 win over rival Mark Wilton from the Waterloo. The first round game of the night was John Gould (Quiet Woman) v Gordon Critchlow (Hartington Legion 'A') with a staggering combined age of 151 years. It was Gordon who came out the winner and who also won his next but eventually lost 2-0 to Mark Wilton in the Semi-Finals. Colin also beat Dave Bagshaw (Anglers Rest) 2-0 in his Semi.

March 20, 2013
Sterndale Moor 'B' win Team Doubles KO.
Only 12 from 19 Teams turned out at the New Inn (Flash) but that was the only disappointment of the night. The New Inn staff put the tasty grub out early which was devoured by all.
The pool got underway which saw some quick games but also some long tedious ones. The Semi-Finals saw the Pack Horse just squeeze past the Quiet Woman. The other Semi-Final saw Sterndale Moor 'B' beat Waterloo with an 8-ball clearance from Phil 'Snip' Holmes.
The first frame in a best of three final was looking like a long one with several pockets being covered by both teams however it was an incredibly unlucky shot from Henry which saw the black go down prematurely. The second frame was also quite tactical which saw both teams getting down to the black. It was Henry again in the spotlight who was setup for a double to the corner. He screwed the white back towards the top rail as a shot to nothing in case he missed but it went in the top bag, the black also had a mind of its own coming off three cushions and dropping in the middle bag. I don't think a Final has ever been won before by the winners not potting a black. A bizarre game this Pool!
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March 13, 2013
Josh Stubbs takes Captains Honours.
Josh (Bulls Head 'B') took his first major tournament win beating Dan Jones (Cock & Pullet 'B') in the Final 2-1. The first frame was forced into a re-rack which Josh eventually took, Dan Jones won the second for 1-1 but it was a nice clearance in the final frame which saw Josh come out triumphant.
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March 08, 2013
Pack Horse win the Team KO.
The Pack Horse completed the League and Cup double fending off rivals Anglers Rest 5-3 at the Quiet Woman pub. Andrews beat Harrison to go one nil up, Anglers then took a 2-1 lead thanks to Bagshaw and Prout. The scores were level again thanks to Grindon and then Bourne the Pack Horse in front again. Sheerin then levelled the score at 3-3 but it was the Pack Horse who took both the early doubles games for a 5-3 win.

March 06, 2013
Butchers are Division 2 Champions.
An excellent season in both divisions saw the Pack Horse take top prize and the Waterloo taking the runners-up spot. New Inn and Quiet Woman will play next year in the second division with the Butchers and Cock & Pullet 'B' coming the other way. The title for the second division went to the final game which saw the Butchers pip the Cock B to the post, well done. At the foot of the table saw the Queens taking the wooden spoon for the 5th consecutive season even winning their final game.
Most Singles wins will go to Simon Kitchen (Sterndale Moor 'B') who won every game he played (also missed two weeks due to holiday and work) in his debut season, Runner-Up goes to Colin Andrews (Pack Horse) only one win behind (Col also missed one game but lost two others). Most doubles wins goes to Colin Andrews and George Sherratt (Pack Horse) winning 13 from 14 and missed two weeks early in the season, they strung 11 wins together to take the honours. Runners-Up most doubles wins goes to Brian Burton and Darren Duckworth (Bulls Head 'A').
Most Singles Wins Second Division goes to Josh Woolley (Cock & Pullet 'B') Runner-Up was Andy Mycock (Cock & Pullet 'A'). Most Doubles Wins Second Division is to be decided by a play-off between Gemma & Martin Chetwood (Sterndale Moor 'A') and Dan Jones / Josh Woolley (Cock & Pullet 'B').

February 28, 2013
Pack Horse are Division 1 Champions.
The Pack Horse secured top spot for their 13 year, an impressive stat. Captained for the first time by Colin Andrews, he's set the example by accumulating seven 8-balls so far this term. He also made a brave move bringing in George Sherratt from relegated Butchers where he only managed a paltry 2 wins last year, George is now on the brink of top 16 qualification. Its been their doubles record which has really been impressive winning 82%.
At the other end of the table the New Inn have been relegated and the Quiet Woman will have to beat the Bulls Head 'A' next week by 8 frames to 1 for survival and to send the Bull A down.
Division 2 is yet to be decided but we now know it will be the Butchers and Cock & Pullet 'B' who will be playing Division 1 pool next season. Congratulations to them both.

December 18, 2012
Jason Robinson wins Open Singles Knockout.
Jason Robinson was victorious in Flagg Moor's biggest ever Open Singles KO (73 Players). Jason beat Ben Stones in the final 2-1. Both Ben and Jason played really well throughout the night but it was Jason that held his nerve in the Final. Jason took top prize (£60), Ben (£30), losing Semi-Finalists Colin Andrews and James Drabble (£15). The prestigious event also saw three 8-Balls, one from Ben in his Semi-Final, one from Colin Andrews and another from Chris Belfield.
The full results are available on the Stats page.

September 21, 2012
Flagg Moor Pool League Welcomes New Teams.
The Bull i’ th’ Thorn are back after over a 10 year absense and The Waterloo Taddington have joined the league for the first time. The Cheshire Cheese signed on late but have set a record by becoming the 19th Team to sign on this season, the revamped Cheese outfit will be led by Sarah Mycock this year.

July 27, 2012
Horseshoe move pubs for 2012-13 Season.
Colin Andrews negotiated the high profile move and is pleased to announce that The Horseshoe Team will be playing out of the Pack Horse in September.

July 20, 2012
2012-13 Season AGM.
This coming seasons AGM will be held on the 9th September in Sterndale Moor Club @ 9pm (Please put this into your diary). A representative for every Team MUST attend for signing on. You must provide us with a minimum of 6 players to sign on. Team fees are £15 plus £4 for every player you sign on. If you have any points or rules change suggestions please let me know before hand so we can bring them up on the night.

July 18, 2012
New Teams are joining our League.
The Bull i’ th’ Thorn are putting a Team in and the Waterloo Taddington have also said they want to join.

April 03, 2012
Dave Smith/Alex Lee win Open Doubles KO.
Dave Smith (Horseshoe) and Alex Lee (Sterndale Moor 'A') teamed up together and won the Open Doubles KO. They had to do it the hard way coming from 2-0 down in the final to win 3-2 over Colin Andrews and Herny Grindon from the Horseshoe.

March 29, 2012
Dave Smith Wins Super 16's KO.
Dave Smith played out of his skin in the Super 16's Finals despatching 3 Sterndale Moor 'B' players to take victory. He cruised passed Kev Kirkham 2-0 in the Quarters, did everything right in the Semi's against Chris Belfield 2-0 and played some excellent pool to beat Phil Holmes in the Final 3-2. Dave also got an 8ball clearance in the Final to draw the tie level at 1-1. I think Dave only made one real mistake all night which let Phil in at 2-2 but it was his safety prowess that won him the final frame.

March 21, 2012
Anglers Rest become Division 1 Champions.
The Anglers snatch the league title by just 1 point from their rivals The Horseshoe. It was a three way race for most of the season but it was the Anglers who were the most consistent and have finally stopped the Horseshoe team from winning their 9th League title in a row. Dave Bagshaw also won Most Singles Wins for Division 1 with Dave Smith being Runner Up for the second time in a row. Most Doubles wins will go to Colin Andrews and John Schwindt and Runners Up are Dave Bagshaw and Dave Prout for their second time in a row.

March 21, 2012
New Inn earn promotion into Division 1 next season.
Congratulations to the New Inn for earning promotion into Division 1. It was close throughout the season between themselves and the Cock & Pullet 'B' but they held on till the end.

March 13, 2012
Sterndale Moor 'B' are Division 2 Champions.
A good season for the Sterndale outfit as they secured the 2nd Division this week with one game still to play. The Runners-Up spot is still up for grabs, the Queens are the Wooden Spooners. The Anglers need a win next week to guarantee the league title, Sterndale Moor 'A' are Relegated and the Butchers need a miracle to stay up. The Butchers need to win 9-0, the Quiet need to lose 9-0 and then the Butchers will have to beat the Quiet in a playoff for survival.

March 06, 2012
Sterndale Moor 'B' win Team Knockout.
Sterndale Moor 'B' had to come back from 3-1 down to take a 5-3 win over the Waterloo. Paul 'Giggsy' Williams and John Green got the Waterloo off to a great start with wins over Chris Belfield and Phil Holmes respectively. Chris Holmes kept the Moor boys in it with a crucial win over Wilty. Les talked his way to victory over Big Kev but only just as he nearly potted the black half way through the game. Mat Wagstaffe and Danny Scott brought the tie level with wins over Ethel and Rob Flower. Wilty broke off in doubles, potted all his colours well but missed the black, a snooker ensued, a foul occurred and with two shots Mat Wagstaffe cleared well for a key ring. Chris Bitch potted the winning black in the next frame taking the spoils for the 2nd time in his 9th season. Well done to the Waterloo for reaching the final and becoming the bridesmaids for the 3rd time in 7 seasons.

March 06, 2012
Hartington Legion 'B' win Team Knockout Consolation Cup.
Hartington Legion 'B' also had to come from 3-1 down to beat the Butchers in the Consolation Cup Final. Max Bethell, Steve Proctor and Tom Meakin but the Butchers in the lead with a win from Legion Captain Colin Deaville in between. Michael Bassett kept the pressure on clawing another point back with Alan Deaville following making it 3-3 after the singles. The Legion won the first doubles but it was Nev Bacon and Andrew Dronfield who took the important 5th point to take the win and earn Hartington Legion 'B' their first trophy in their first season together.

January 17, 2012
Phil Holmes wins Team Singles Knockout for Sterndale Moor 'B'.
League Chairman Phil Holmes played quite well on the night and took a deserved 3-1 win in the final against another second division player Danny Bourne (If i do say so myself!!!). This was Phil's second win in this competition, the last coming back in '06, also Danny's second time in the final but as Runner-Up again.
The full results are available on the Stats page.

December 06, 2011
Colin Andrews wins Open Singles Knockout.
Colin Andrews came out on top over Stuart Mycock taking a 3-0 win in the final. Colin played well throughout the night even getting an 8-ball clearance in the final, his only scare came in the preliminary round against Chris Belfield. Stuart Mycock played some good pool to get him to the final but couldnt match Colin in the end. Congratulations to the losing Semi-finalists too who were Gray Astle and Dave Prout.
The full results are available on the Stats page.

December 06, 2011
Successful Open Singles Knockout.
The biggest turn out in years as we saw 63 entrants this year @ Sterndale Moor Club.
Previous years;
2010 - 53
2009 - 58
2008 - 56

November 22, 2011
Bulls Head 'A' win Team Doubles Knockout.
Well done to Brian Burton and Darren Duckworth who beat off local rivals Bulls Head 'B' (Jason Robinson and Kev Heathcote) 2-0 in the final at the Winking Man.

October 13, 2011
Dave Bagshaw cleans up in Captains KO.
Baggy cruised to his 5th Captains KO title in 14 years. With an 8-ball clearance in round one over Danny Bourne (Cheese) he set himself up nicely for more silverware to add to his collection. Baggy eventually beat Colin Deaville (Hartington 'B') 2-0 in the final. Michael Astill (Sterndale Moor) took the Landlords trophy in back to seasons.

September 22, 2011
The Horseshoe lose unbeaten run.
The Horseshoe suffered their first defeat in 42 games with their last defeat by the old Butchers team a couple of seasons ago on the 8th Dec '09. The Waterloo rallied together after being 4-1 down to take a 5-4 win.

September 6, 2011
Fixtures for 2011/12 Season.
The fixtures have been finalised. Please take note of which Division you are in. Also please look carefully at the fixtures as they have been designed differently this time with Knockout throughout the season. The Fixtures for the 2011/12 season are available on the 'Other' page under Downloads.

Team Knockout for 2011/12 Season.
The Team Knockout has been drawn and will be drawn again after every round. Losers from Round 1 will be entered into the consolation cup along with the loser of the preliminary round.

As you may have noticed from the fixtures some of the Knockouts that are usually at the end of the season have been moved around. We have also drawn the Venues for these events out of a hat to make it fair. You may also notice that the Top 16 Knockout for each Division will be played at a Venue which isnt in their respective Division. The Final for the Top 16 Knockout unfortunately will have to be played on the following Thursday so we could finish the season before Flagg Races.

August 31, 2011
Cheshire Cheese in Longnor to be a new venue for the 2011/12 Season.
The old Horseshoe 'A' team have moved and will be playing out of the Cheese in Longnor this Season. Horseshoe 'B' will be now named as just the Horseshoe.

August 31, 2011
Butchers secure 1st Division pool for the 2011/12 Season.
The Butchers played well to secure 1st Division pool beating off their old team (Sterndale Moor 'B') 5-1 last night at Hartington Legion.

August 24, 2011
League splits into 2 Divisions for the 2011/12 Season.
At the AGM last night it was decided that due to the popularity of the League and 17 guaranteed Teams wanting to enter we would split into 2 Divisions.

July 28, 2011
Anglers Rest will be part of the 2011/12 Season.
The Royal Oak 'B' side have announced they will play out of the Anglers Rest, Millers Dale for the forthcoming 2011/12 Season.

July 25, 2011
AGM meeting announced.
This coming seasons AGM will be held on the 23rd of August in Sterndale Moor Club @ 8pm. Captains or a representative of your Team MUST attend for signing on. You need to provide us with a minimum of 6 players to sign on. Team fees are £15 plus £4 for every player you sign on (This is currently £3 but will be voted on as it hasn’t increased for about 7-8 years).

July 22, 2011
Royal Oak have removed their pool table.
The Royal Oak have removed their table out of the downstairs room and have announced they will not replace it leaving both of their pool teams without a home. Josh Stubbs, Captain of Oak 'A' has declared they will be playing out of the Bull next season.

July 20, 2011
Pre AGM meeting for Committee Members only announced.
With the new season only a couple of months away the Committee with be having a private meeting before the main AGM announcement. Said meeting will be Sunday 21st July, 9pm at Sterndale Moor Club.