Flagg Moor Pool League
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Presentation 2009-10 Winners

8-Ball Clearances - 4x

8-Ball Clearances - 3x

8-Ball Clearances - 2x

8-Ball Clearances - 1x

Landlords Knockout Runner-Up - Kirsty Allen (Queens)

Landlords Knockout Winner - Ann-Marie Astill (Sterndale Moor Club)

Captains Knockout Runner-Up - Vince Astill (Sterndale Moor)

Captains Knockout Winner - Henry Grindon (Horseshoe 'B')

League Doubles Runners-Up - Dave Smith and Stevie Hawkins (Horseshoe 'B')

League Doubles Winners - Bob Akers and Vince Astill (Sterndale Moor)

League Singles Runner-Up - Danny Bourne (Horseshoe 'A')

League Singles Winner - John Green (Waterloo)

Open Singles Knockout Runner-Up - Colin Andrews (Horseshoe 'B')

Open Singles Winner - Chris Holmes (Butchers)

Super 16's Knockout Runner-Up - Neil Armstrong (Butchers)

Super 16's Knockout Winner - Dave Smith (Horseshoe 'B')

Most Doubles Wins Runners-Up - Mark Wilton & John Green (Waterloo)

Most Doubles Wins - Steve Hawkins & Rob Needham (Horseshoe B)

Most Singles Wins Runner-Up - Andy Joyce (Horseshoe 'B')

Most Singles Wins - John Green (Waterloo)

Team Knockout Runners-Up - Royal Oak

Team Knockout Runners-Up - Royal Oak

Team Knockout Winners - Sterndale Moor

Last But Not Least - Queens

3rd Place In League - Waterloo

League Runners-Up - Butchers

League Champions - Horseshoe 'B'