Flagg Moor Pool League
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2011-12 Team Doubles Knockout
22nd November 2011 @ Winking Man

League Secretary - Wendy Smith

Dorpey and Gordon watch on in amazement as proud Smiffy polishes his weapon in public

Steve Otty shares a story.... Vaines and Moss show little interest

Smiffy not taking anything seriously

Colin Deaville should stick to shooting or is that a fishing jacket?

Kev and Snip decide on tactics (losing tactics that is)

Bourney tosses as others watch and laugh

Butch and Turk prepare for battle, Bob checks out mystery door

Bob shares mystery door theory with Smiffy, Smiffy disgusted

Smiff tries breaking Moss' hand

Victory handshakes for the Quiet Men, but whats camp Henry doing?

Mr Otty is after Henry, what did he do? answers on a postcard

Thumbs up from Jason. Henry's in love.

Can only imagine Jason has collapsed on the floor

Looks like Turk has never seen a camera before!

Kev secures the win.

Bob gets caught sneeking into the mystery door

Female, Brunette, 40's, seeks male for fun and friendship

Ballistic Bob blasts black in

Dorpey rattles the black

Robo pots excellent yellow for easy black

Darren secures a spot in the final

Kev over excited to shake hands before the final with Jason looking ready for bed

Steve Gilman can make those Bull boys do anything

A yellow ball

Bertie for a 2-0 win

And there they are, well played to Bulls Head A partnership of Brian Burton and Darren Duckworth

Photos by Steve Gilman