Flagg Moor Pool League
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Presentation 2011-12 Trophy Winners

8-Ball Clearances, 6x - Colin Andrews (Horseshoe)

8-Ball Clearances, 3x - Dan Thorpe (Hartington Legion 'A')

8-Ball Clearances, 2x - Chris Holmes and Dave Prout

8-Ball Clearances, 1x - Michael Astill, Dave Smith, Darren Duckworth, Dave Bagshaw, John Green, Mat Wagstaffe, Phil Holmes

Landlords Knockout Runner-Up Harold Ball (Hartington Legion)

Landlords Knockout Winner Michael Astill (Sterndale Moor)

Captains Knockout Runner-Up Colin Deaville (Hartington Legion 'B')

Captains Knockout Winner Dave Bagshaw (Anglers Rest)

Team Doubles Runners-Up Kev Heathcote & Jason Robinson (Bulls Head 'B')

Team Doubles Winners Brian Burton & Darren Duckworth (Bulls Head 'A')

Team Singles Winner Phil Holmes (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Open Singles Runner-Up Stuart Mycock (Hartington Legion 'A') - Gray Astle Collecting

Open Singles Winner Colin Andrews (Horseshoe)

Super 16s Knockout Runner-Up Phil Holmes (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Super 16s Knockout Winner Dave Smith (Horseshoe)

2nd Division Most Wins Runner-Up Phil Holmes (sterndale Moor 'B')

2nd Division Most Wins Chris Holmes (sterndale Moor 'B')

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Runners-Up Butchers

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Winners Hartington Legion 'B'

Team Knockout Runners-Up Waterloo

Team Knockout Winners Sterndale Moor B

Last But Not Least Queens

2nd Division Champions Sterndale Moor B

1st Division League Runners-Up Horseshoe

League Champions Anglers Rest

Services to the League Pete Taylor

Photos by Steve Gilman