Flagg Moor Pool League
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Open Doubles KO & Presentation Night 2012-13, 16th April, 2013

Photos by Dave 'shakey' Smith

The Shields

The Trophies

The Trophies

The Trophies

8-Ball Clearances 1x, Simon Kitchen, Dave Smith, Chris Belfield, Alex Lee, Chris Holmes, Dave Bagshaw

8-Ball Clearances 2x, Phil Holmes and Ben Stones

8-Ball Clearances 8x, Colin Andrews

Captains Knockout Winner Josh Stubbs (Bulls Head 'B')

Team Doubles Runners-Up Dave Smith and Henry Grindon (Pack Horse)

Team Doubles Winners Phil Holmes and Ben Stones (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Team Singles Runner-Up - Mark Wilton (Waterloo)

Team Singles Winner - Colin Andrews (Pack Horse)

Open Singles Runner-Up Ben Stones (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Open Singles Winner - Jason Robinson (Bulls Head 'B') - Collected by Josh Stubbs

Super 16s Knockout Runner-Up Phil Holmes (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Super 16s Knockout Winner Simon Kitchen (Sterndale Moor 'B')

2nd Division Most Wins Josh Woolley (Cock & Pullet 'B')

1st Division Most Wins Runner-Up - Colin Andrews (Pack Horse)

1st Division Most Wins Winner - Simon Kitchen (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Runners-Up Cock & Pullet 'B'

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Winners - Waterloo

Team Knockout Runners-Up Anglers Rest

Team Knockout Winners Pack Horse

Last But Not Least Queens

2nd Division Runners-Up Cock & Pullet B

2nd Division Champions Butchers

1st Division League Runners-Up Waterloo

League Champions Pack Horse

Open Doubles Runners-Up - Ben Minshull (Pack Horse) and Jimbo Oliphant (Sterndale Moor 'B')

Open Doubles Winners - Simon Kitchen and Phil Holmes (Sterndale Moor 'B')