Flagg Moor Pool League
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The Anglers Rest

Location: Millers Dale

Tel: 01298 871 323
Website: theanglersrest.co.uk
Facebook: Here

The Bulls Head

Location: Monyash

Tel: 01629 812 372
Website: thebullsheadmonyash.co.uk
Facebook: Here

Ye Olde Butchers Arms

Location: Reapsmoor

Tel: 01298 84477
Facebook: Here

Cock & Pullet

Location: Sheldon

Tel: 01629 814 292
Website: Here

Royal British Legion Club, Hartington

Location: Hartington

Tel: 01298 84657
Facebook: Here

The Quiet Woman

Location: Earl Sterndale

Tel: 01298 83211

The New Inn

Location: Flash

Tel: 01298 22941
Facebook: Here

Sterndale Moor Social Club

Location: Sterndale Moor

Tel: 07721 677 101
Facebook: Here

The Winking Man

Location: Upper Hulme

Tel: 01538 300 361
Website: winkingman.com
Facebook: Here