Flagg Moor Pool League
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Presentation Night 2014-15, 28th March, 2015

Photos by Chris 'Blurred' Belfield

Captians KO Runner-Up - Dave Bagshaw

Captians KO Winner - Colin Andrews

Team Doubles Runners-Up - Andy Mycock & Craig Teeboon

Team Doubles Winners - Paul Vaines & Peter Walker

Team Singles Winner - Colin Andrews

Juniors KO Winner - Ben Stones

Seniors KO Winner - Tink Blackwell

Open Doubles Runners-Up - Paul Vaines & Dave Moss

Open Doubles Winners - Henry Grindon & Colin Andrews

Open Singles Runner-Up - Phil Holmes

Open Singles Winner - Colin Andrews

2nd Division Super 16's Winner - Mat Wagstaffe

1st Division Super 16's Runner-Up - Chris Belfield

1st Division Super 16's Winner - Colin Andrews

2nd Division Most Doubles Wins - Mat Wagstaffe & Jake Potter

1st Division Most Doubles Wins - Josh Stubbs & Andy Boam (Phil Holmes Collecting)

2nd Division Most Singles Wins Runner-Up - Dan Wood

2nd Division Most Singles Wins - Jake Potter

1st Division Most Wins Runner-Up - Colin Andrews

1st Division Most Wins - Ben Stones

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Runners-Up - Waterloo Biggin

Team Knockout Consolation Cup Winners - Sterndale Moor 'B'

Team Knockout Runners-Up - Anglers Rest

Team Knockout Winners - Pack Horse Wanderers

Last But Not Least - New Inn

2nd Division Runners-Up - Waterloo Biggin

2nd Division Champions - Sterndale Moor 'B'

1st Division League Runners-Up - Pack Horse

League Champions - Pack Horse Wanderers

Services to the League - John Mycock (Bernard Collecting)

Thunderbird 6

Thunderbird 6